Darren Sammy Slams West Indies’ Sloppy Catching: ‘We Didn’t Deserve to Win

Shai Hope, the captain, shared Coach Darren Sammy’s harsh criticism of how the West Indies fielded against Zimbabwe.

Darren Sammy

Daren Sammy: “The cricket gods will catch up with you eventually if you keep giving the opposition’s best batters chances.”

Daren Sammy, the head coach of the West Indies, has chastised his fielders for their careless performance, which allowed Zimbabwe to escape responsibility and set up his team for a crushing loss in Harare.

Sikandar Raza was dropped twice by West Indies, once on 1 and then on 7, and the hitter took use of those reprieves to surpass all other scorers in the match with 68 runs off 58 balls. Alzarri Joseph was responsible for three of the four catches that West Indies made overall.

“Extremely let down. In the post-game news conference, Sammy remarked, “We got to accomplish what we wanted to do at the toss, which was to bowl first. “Look, if we keep playing with this style of fielding – we’ve talked about it for the last few games – and if you keep giving the best batters on the other team opportunities, eventually the cricket gods will catch up with you,” said the coach.

“And it did with us today, but on that surface, [a goal of] 269… Once more, these are the things we are attempting to alter. We’ve seen it happen before, and I want this squad to move ahead as I want…Today was awful, and we failed to accept responsibility for our actions. Therefore, we had no right to victory today.

After West Indies suffered a crushing 35-run defeat, captain Shai Hope was also highly critical of their fielding.

Hope said at the post-game presentation that she had too much on her mind. “I’m not sure if I can put my finger on it, but there’s undoubtedly a lot of sadness and disappointment. However, the competition is still going on—catches, in a nutshell. We made opportunities. We constantly urge the bowlers to generate prospects, and they always do it, but we should be backing them in the field and then again with the bat. As I mentioned, we would have been content with 260 to pursue before the day began.

“I inform them that anyone who wants to purchase a ticket must go to the box office to do it. Some of us delayed purchasing the key needed to board the next train. -Daren Sammy, the coach, wants more from his team.

Along with Sri Lanka, West Indies was one of the pre-tournament favorites to make it to the main event of the World Cup in India, but their hopes of doing so have now been jeopardized by their loss to Zimbabwe. Sammy claimed that it wasn’t the end of the road yet even though West Indies lost by two points that they might have used to advance to the Super Sixes (two issues are carried over for each win against other teams that qualify from your group; in West Indies’ case, Zimbabwe and Netherlands).

Sammy remarked, “I wouldn’t say it hinders [our qualification] but makes it harder.” “Having four points into the Super Six would be ideal. We knew this game would have been crucial to us when we left home. As I previously mentioned, the way we’ve played… We kept winning games despite not playing our best cricket; I kept reminding the lads. Again today, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves.

I will warn them in the locker room that if they put on a display of fielding like this and then put themselves in a good position and take the game for granted, the cricket gods will make them pay. We didn’t play to win today, and we didn’t deserve to win. As a result, we have a lot of work to do to beat the other teams we face and go to the Super Six.

“We’ve made it a little harder for ourselves to qualify for the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2023, but I never lose up. The pattern I’ve established here will continue, so I’ll keep motivating the lads and pushing them to improve. And I informed them that anyone interested in purchasing a ticket must visit the box office. Some of us are delaying purchasing the ticket to board the next train.

“No time to cry and think about the loss to Zimbabwe too much,” says Darren Sammy.

How can West Indies recover from this humiliating loss and be ready for Monday’s crucial match against Netherlands, who have also advanced to the Super Sixes?

Darren Sammy

It would be better to take tomorrow off since we must get everything out of our systems. Hope agreed. “And then come hard again on Monday because we know we have our work cut out for ourselves now and exactly what is required.”

Sammy also supported West Indies in their effort to defeat the Netherlands and resume their mission. “We must enter the game as soon as feasible. I’m considering what to say to the boys in “Monday becomes an important day for us, and we’ll look at the team and the combinations to find the best one to start the game and win it. It [Zimbabwe] win is not the end of our journey. I am confident that this West Indies squad will recover. Sometimes all you need is a decent wake-up call to let you realize and value the opportunities we have right now. Know more on what is happening on your favorite cricket sports here at Indibet India.

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