“there should be cricket between these two teams in their respective countries.” – Javed Miandad to India cricketer team.

          Javed Miandad, A former captain of Pakistan cricket team has generated outrage with his remarks about India’s refusal to travel to Pakistan for the 2023 Asian Cup. Miandad said, “India can go to hell,” in reaction to the ACC meeting’s statement, which was slammed by the people of both countries.

          The ex-Pakistan captain addressed some of his comments in a YouTube video, saying that India’s non-trip to Pakistan will have no effect on the host country, He went on to suggest that the two countries’ cricket relations should be restored as quickly as possible, and that India’s participation in the Asian Cup will send a positive message.

          Javed Miandad said on video “Do you know what hell means? If you don’t want to play just don’t. We don’t have a problem. Ask the Indian cricketers. They’ll also say that there should be cricket between these two teams in their respective countries. It’ll benefit both nations,”

          “If they think that their (India) not coming to Pakistan makes any difference, let me tell you that it doesn’t. That’s what I meant. We are independent. Pakistan has produced world-class cricketers as well as hockey players. Everywhere around the world, neighboring countries are playing with each other.” Javed Miandad added.

          India and Pakistan last played in the 2022 T20 World Cup, with Rohit Sharma and company winning by four wickets, The India-Pakistan series, according to Javed Miandad, was something fans had been looking forward to and would help mend relations between the two countries.

          “Earlier we used to go there and then they used to come here. When India came to play a series in Pakistan, there were so many people from India who also came to watch. There were no hotels available and the Lahore residents invited them to their houses. It had a very good impact on the relationships between the two countries.” Miandad further said. 



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