Nurul Hasan still suffering and worried about on his Index Finger Injury

A right-handed cricketer Nurul Hasan is worried about on his index finger that has an injury, despite of undergoing surgery he is afraid for his cricketing future. Nurul is the captain of the Bangladesh T20I side tour in Zimbabwe. He suffered a finger injury in the second T20I match against hosts Harare and was ruled out of that tour and the subsequent Asian Cup.

Nurul impaired rehabilitation surgery in Singapore, closed reduction and immobilization by Dr. Anthony Foo, hand surgeon at Raffles Hospital. He then made himself available for New Zealand’s T20 three-series ahead of the T20 World Cup and continued to compete, but not quite out of the misery. It took a real toll on him in the second Test against India and he had to take a suppository to compete.

Nurul Hasan said “As far as the state of injured finger is concerned, I have taken an injection after the last match (second Test against India) and that injection was a pain relieve After that injection it (injured finger) is still numb and if stays this way it is ok but after the reaction of the injection gets over the pain might increase,” was told in Cricbuzz this Sunday

“I played the Test series with suppository because there was huge pain and I was unable to do anything. Whenever the ball hit my left hand it was giving some kind of a shock so I was taking even the left side ball with my right hand. Let’s see I have had the injection and it is expected to have a reaction for couple of months and it( my finger) might get better,” Nurul added.

Nurul Hasan

Nurul Hasan doubts

Nurul Hasan let out his doubts about his operation, have some many what if’s in his mind and hoping that his injury will heal fast.

“At the moment there is nothing I can do and there is no option for me. I am not sure whether doing the surgery was wrong or bad, Now I might be feeling that if I hadn’t done the surgery it would have been good. On the other hand it could have got worse if I did not do the surgery.” He said.

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Cricket Board’s medical department confirmed to Cricbuzz that the recent painkiller injections was given as per the orders of the surgeon and they wished him the best.

The BCB medical official said “We had a routine check and as per the suggestion of the surgeon we had given him an injection. We are not sure whether he will need further injection or not because we will update the surgeon about his development and he (surgeon) will decide the next course of action,”

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