Rishabh Pant got emotional

Rishabh Pant got emotional, Rahul Dravid said “we don’t judge people on one game” to Pant to their match with Zimbabwe, although he’s out it didn’t cause any concern to Rahul Dravid, instead he said “I don’t think we judge people on one game, and sometimes whether we play them or not is not based on one game,”

Rishabh Pant

Despite of what happen they still have faith in Pant. Their team cheer up Rishabh Pant and said that they never lost a faith in Pant, they are very proud and always supporting.

“We need to look at what are the skills we might need against the kind of bowlers we might come up against. So a lot of things go into these kind of decisions,” said Dravid.

Rahul Dravid to Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant

“Personally, he would have liked to score a few more runs but it is not concerning him. Certainly, he is a very big part of our plans going ahead in the next few months,” Rahul Dravid said during the post-match press conference.

As like what Rahul Dravid said, Pant has a big and integral part in the coming match of T20 World Cup that will happen in Australia.

Despite of what happen, 1st group of India still Wins against Zimbabwe,In response, Zimbabwe lost two wickets and made only three runs in their first two overs. Ryan Burl (35) and he were held back by Sikandar Raza (34) but Zimbabwe were eventually eliminated by 115 points with him 72 runs off target. This coming T2O semifinals match let’s see which team will get the real comeback.

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