Rohit Sharma got injury during nets ahead of the semi-finals

Rohit Sharma, captain of Team India, hurt himself during a practice exercise in Adelaide just 48 hours before India’s T20 World Cup semifinal match against England. According to reports, Rohit Sharma was struck during a net practice on his right hand.

Rohit Sharma got injury but came back on the field and do the bats.

Rohit Sharma got injury

Rohit Sharma got injury and choose to bat

Rohit Sharma encountered injury while doing their training session, when facing throwdowns from one of their 3 specialist that Indian use, Captain Rohit was hit in the forearm and burst the pain, he choose to gave up batting first to rest.

Indian hitters like to hit the pitcher due to the extreme pace it generates, which sets them up at a high pace in the middle. They are allowed to do throwdowns if they want because it will just help them to get ready and aware from those high pace.

Luckily that Rohit got received the immediate medical attention, Our captain keeps try to bat despite of his injury but advice to take a rest first.

Even as he sat on the ice box and watched the training from a distance, he appeared dejected and in great pain. After leaving the exercise, a large ice pack was then tied to his right arm.

According to team sources, the captain is doing fine and is expected to participate in Thursday’s semifinal match against England.

“When he batted for the second occasion, he didn’t experience much discomfort. X-rays or CT scans might not be required. We also have a middle day that is an optional practice.

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